Comic Review: Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #2

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“Cassie Hack is the lone survivor of an attack by a slasher called the Lunch Lady… a slasher who happened to be her mother! After years of battling slashers and other high strangeness—and paying the price of everything she held dear—Cassie thought to escape her life of fighting evil. But the monsters and madmen who threaten the world never rest, and neither can Cassie Hack.”

So reads the intro to this new arc in the Hack/Slash universe.


Image courtesy of Image Comics


Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #2
Script: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley
Art by: Emilio Laiso
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: August 6, 2014

Get yourself a copy of Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #2 or catch up with Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #1.

Hack is still back… as she’s seemingly ok with it now. Some habits die hard. Especial when it’s making monsters die… hard. If you haven’t yet already, please check out my review of Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #1.

Hack/Slash Son of Samhaim #2 was just as entertaining if not more than issue 1. With out skipping a beat from the first issue we’re still on the hunt for this mysterious child who was about to be sacrificed by the monstrous cult. Action is high in issue 2 and there’s gore galore as Cassie Hack and her new partner continue to fight there way through this no mans land of monsters and murders just to find this “innocent child.” Things aren’t quite what they seem as it’s clear from the last issue that there is something special about this kid. Is he evil? He’s certainly vicious as he has been able to kill a few of his captures.

Emilio Laiso art continues to impress me. The sometimes sickening images of violence are done with such care it’s hard not to appreciate them. Micael Moreci & Steve Seeley script is also progressively getting better. That is to say… their story is not without flaw. Peppered amongst the action and compelling story is low budget, soap opera-esq cornball drama. I understand that it has it’s purpose setting up back story, but a lot of it feels lazy cliche. I will continue reading this series, and don’t be fooled. I am enjoying Cassie Hack and her kick ass, edge of the knife attitude.

Again, I will say this series isn’t the best one that I’m following, but it’s better than mediocre. If you have time to pick up a new series I seriously suggest it, but if you’re spread thin as it is you can probably pass on this one. Especially if monsters and slashers aren’t your thing. I for one will be following this series month to month.

My recommendation: If you like Nailbiter, Hack/Slash My First Maniac , and Spawn you probably like Hack/Slash Son of Samhain.


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