Ryan Thomason

Comic Review, Gi Joe: Cobra Civil War #0

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GI Joe: Chuck Dixon, Javier Saltares
Cobra: Mike Costa, Antonio Fuso
Snake Eyes: Chuck Dixon, Agustin Padilla

What happens when an undercover GI Joe agent by the name of Chuckles, infiltrates a high level Cobra base, pops Cobra Commander in the face with a bullet, and then blows himself and the installation up with a nuclear weapon? You get a very pissed off leaderless Cobra and the resulting war that comes with it.

This issue breaks up into three different stories, basically what we’re getting here is the introduction to the three new comic books that will be starting since the death of Cobra Commander. First, we start off with GI Joe and a team that has been sent to check on an energy spike in an abandoned town that used to be a cover for Cobra. We’re introduced the the team members, and everything seems to be going along fine, until the shit hits the fan for the Joes. I don’t want to give too much away, but lets just say that people are not shooting thousands of rounds of ammo and nobody getting killed like from the old cartoons. People die, oh man do they die. It’s something that makes us fans who grew up with the series now appreciate that the comic has grown up too. Chuck Dixon wrote a great teaser into the new GI Joe: #1 that will be coming out and it looks like he’s not going to be holding back on massacring the Joes. All hail Krake. Javier Saltares did a great job with the artwork and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they take the new Joe series.

The second section of the book focuses on the Cobra aspect of the story, we get a meeting of the top Cobra operatives, with The Baroness of course informing everyone of the death of Cobra Commander and the Cobra Councils new decision to hold a ‘Contest’ to see who should be the new commander. Vargas, Major Bludd, Tomax, Oda Satori, Khallikan and of course Baroness are all up for the top slot as new Cobra Commander. The Contest to be the new commander? Whoever kills the most Joes and inflicts the most harm on the organization wins the job. Of course nobody trusts each other and with good reason, they’re Cobra after all. From what I get, Cobra Civil War #1 is just going to be a blood bath of everything trying to get Joe in the best way, and then turning on each other at every opportunity possibly. Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso will have their hands full, because I have a suspicion that this is going to be the one everyone wants to read. Who wouldn’t want to watch the top Cobra players tear each other and Joes apart? Who makes a kick ass entrance at the end that makes you just nod your head in appreciation? Well, you’ll have to read that part yourself. Just from this little blip, Costa does a great job laying out the story, and Fuso backs it up with artwork that I really dug at some points, but didn’t in others. It doesn’t take away from the tone of the comic though, and that’s a good thing.

Finally, the best for last, nearly everyone’s favorite GI Joe, Snake Eyes will be getting his own series as well from this new split. Chuck Dixon is on again to write this one, and all I can say is damn. This is going to just be cool. Agustin Padilla I think had the best artwork out of the three teasers, it just is just clean and pops on every page. Basically, Snake Eyes team gets wiped out, by who? Slice and Dice. But they want the bigger fish, Snake Eyes himself and as it seems they are working for Khallikan to bring that about. Snake Eyes is always that mysterious character because well, he doesn’t have much to say. Ever. This seems like the first stab at Snake Eyes to lure him into some trap, which you know Snake Eyes is just going to beat down everyone in his path, and for that I can’t wait.

STORY: 94%
ART: 92%

I can’t wait for these three new GI Joe series to start, this #0 issue does a great job of giving you a taste of the direction that IDW is moving GI Joe into. Which by the looks is basically everything you loved about the cartoons as a kid, but with an adult theme around it. See, you didn’t have to feel like a grown up dipping back into your childhood, your childhood happened to grow up with you thanks to IDW.

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