Ryan Thomason

Comic Review: Elephantmen Cover Stories #1

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Wait. There has been a comic about Elephants, Hippos, and apparently Rhinos with kinda human like bodies except they’re still, you know, huge compared to humans? I may be late to this party, but damn I’m going to dive right in now.

Basically, what you get in this first issue is the creators talking about the processes and what they were thinking when they did some covers and art for the comic. And holy crap, this is some of the best artwork I’ve seen lately. The hybrid between still looking like big exotic animals and slight human features is expertly done, and the detail that goes into it all is just beyond me. It’s really a “you have to see this” type of thing, because if you ever knew someone who said comic books couldn’t show true artistry, this is damn close to being the best example to shut those guys up. From the preview at the end of the issue, Richard Starkings did an great job on the writing, I ate up every panel, but that was most because of the art by Ladronn. Damn, can I just go on more about how I was blown away by the artwork? They have a Rhino guy! Rhinos are my favorite animals! He looks awesome! AUGHGH! I’m going to just buy the Expanded version of Vol. 1 :Wounded Animals so I can start getting caught up on this series. You should too, because damn, it’s just amazing.

ART: 97%

I’d normally give a full scoring, but really, it’s them talking about how they made the comic, and the unseen artwork that goes into it, so this comic gets only a purely art score.

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