Ryan Thomason

Comic Review, Dark Sun #4 & #5

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I’m a sucker for most things in the Fantasy genre, though I’ve always had an interest in playing Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve just never been able to fine like minded people to play a good old table top version rolling dice and all. I know for sure though, when I do play, it will be in the Dark Sun setting.

Reading these last two comics back to back secured one thing in my head though, this mini-series will do tremendously better once it hits the trade, and all five issues are collected into one book. While I had a good time waiting for each issue to come out, you can really get into the flow of the story, written by Alex Irvine, who is someone I’ve definitely put on my radar now, though I have a feeling he should have been on it sooner (he’d written Daredevil and Ironman comics for Marvel). I’m not sure how much of a D&D/Dark Sun fan he is, if not, he must have done his homework. I don’t usually have a hard time picking over comics that I want to review, Dark Sun only took this long because I forgot to check what I had gotten from IDW for a couple of weeks. The story of Grudvik, a gladiator turned run away, turned to some kind of Hero was fun to read. I loved his interactions with Aki (who was actually a bounty hunter sent to capture Grudvik) almost felt like it was two players pushing each others buttons at the gaming table. I can only hope that after this little Dark Sun run that it doesn’t take me too long to find out what his next project is, I’ll double cross my fingers it’s a new series for Grudvik and Aki.

I was a little hard on the art at the beginning of this series, and I’ll be honest, when I read the 4th issues and started on the 5th I had to stop and look at if the artist had changed. It hadn’t. Peter Bergting really finished out the series with the best of his work throughout the entire run. Especially on the 5th and final issue, it’s like he finally had everything how he wanted it and was ready to start kicking ass. Which is why I’m a little bummed that this series is over. The story was there, and art finished on a high note, and the run was over. Hopefully the guys over at Wizards of the Coast had some kind of deal in the works to make more comics, and I really hope we get another Irvine/Bergting team up.

STORY: 92%
ART: 89%

If you haven’t been picking up the issues as they came out, I highly suggest you keep an eye out for when they just take all the issues in the series into one bound edition. The story is a fun adventure that you just have you feeling like started up your own D&D Dark Suns group and diving into the world. I know it sure as hell made me get the Dark Sun supplement and try to get some people to play a game with me.

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