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Comic Review: Copperhead is an Action-Packed Space Western from Image Comics

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Copperhead is a crappy town on a crappy planet with crappy civilians and it’s in need of a new sheriff, desperately. Can law and order be restored in this world. Check Image’s new title Copperhead.


Copperhead #1 cover via

Copperhead #1 cover via


Copperhead #1 and #2
Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Colors: Ron Riley
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: September 10, 2014 (#1) and October 8, 2014 (#2)

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Sheriff Clara Bronson and her young son, Zeke, are looking for a fresh start. (What or who they are running from is kept vague and illusive in this first issue, but you soon forget about what’s going on with the good sheriff’s back story as soon as they arrive to Copperhead.) Not even having time to unpack her bags, the sheriff and her surly deputy, Budroxifinicus, are called to a domestic dispute. It becomes very clear to Sheriff Bronson that not even her deputy is someone she can rely on this desolate rock as she is left on her own to face a very large, very angry alien mother. One thing you can say about the sheriff though is she that can hold her own is a fight! That turns out to be good trait to have  because if life on Copperhead is going to be anything like her first days–poor Clara is going to be getting quite a whooping.

The second issue keeps this gritty western going as Sheriff Bronson and Budroxifinicus continue their investigation of the murder massacre they’ve stumbled upon at the end of the first issue. Zeke, being a normal child in any story, doesn’t listen to his mother’s instructions to stay indoors as she ties to find a killer. The insubordinate child gets lost in the wild lands and is found by a suspicious character , who. protects the child from vicious alien creatures. When he and Zeke and return him home, the ever prickly Sheriff Bronson eyes the man with suspicion. Could he be involved in her murder investigation?

Copperhead is 100% space western and it’s not even ashamed to admit it. Even its creator Jay Faerber admits the whole idea for this comic was literally two words, space western. Claiming inspiration from the television series Deadwood, it’s a great gritty western story set in a desolate alien world. Artists Scott Godlewski and Ron Riley give Copperhead a fantastic rustic feel too, you almost forget that the red barren landscape isn’t of this earth until a giant green alien bursts from a shack door. Copperhead might not be the groundbreaking new series that will change the look of the space western genre, but it’s a fun ride nonetheless.

A great comic that’s full of action and a thrilling story, Copperhead #1 and #2 are an awesome start for this space western.

Copperhead #2 cover via

Copperhead #2 cover via

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