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Comic Review, Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers #2

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I’ve been reading the Chip and Dale comics for one reason only. Nostalgia. Rescue Rangers #2 takes me back to a place where I remember sitting in the playroom at my parents’ house as a kid and watching the TV show. Though it’s been a long time, how does the revitalized comic hold up?

The Rescue Rangers are on the hunt across the world to find the pieces of the super key that Moteray Jack broke apart and spread all over the place. Why the super key? Mr. Fat Cat is using a Animal Rescue Signal that was made by Gadgets Dad to use mind control on animals and make them do bad things. Surprisingly, this isn’t totally a kids’ comic. It actually has a little dept to it, and that combined fusion of childhood and adulthood is really refreshing.

I’m being honest. Without spoiling too much, Dale’s bat girlfriend Foxglove has a father, which Dale meets in Brazil as they search for the key piece. Something happens to her dad that I didn’t see coming, and the emotional response from Dale, then Chip that was so wonderfully drawn had me pause a little. It was that little moment that sold me on wanting to continue reading this comic. The unique blend of adult and kids in the writing is wonderfully done by Ian Brill. It has almost a Pixar movie feel to it, you don’t feel bad reading it because of the couple of grin worthy moments. I really grinned when the Pi-Rats made a little showing, it’s the little touches like this from characters that I loved on the show that make this comic great.

If you aren’t already reading this comic, and want a slice of being a kid again (assuming you watched the show too) go to your nearest comic store and demand that they put it in your hold. The combined artwork of Leonel Castellani and Jake Meyler really makes everything pop, and you will instantly be brought back to the old show. Boom! Studios has been on the top of the game lately in bringing back those old Disney cartoons we loved as kids into the comic form and Rescue Rangers #2 is a part of that. Take a look at the gallery below for a taste of what this awesome comic is like.

SCORE: $3.99/$3.99

Publisher: Boom! Studios
Writer: Ian Brill
Artist: Leonel Castellani
Colorist: Jake Meyler

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