Ryan Thomason

Comic Review, Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker #2

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What happens when you blow up a prison filled to the brim with super villains? You piss off the ones who lived.

Butcher Baker is running from his attack on the prison, we get a taste of the survivors and their thirst for revenge. I wish I had read the first issue so I know how it lead up to this, but sometimes you just miss things in life. Joe Casey does a nice job of moving the story forward, I didn’t feel that the group of survivors was too many people to get confused with. I hope they form an alliance though to take down Baker for what he did because I’m one of those people who digs what the bad guys are doing probably more than the good guys. Jihad Jones seems to have his (Villain) act together, and what appears to be suitable resources in his safe house. I can’t remember the name of the mysterious guy who seems to be in touch with everything in the cosmos, but damn that dude is just cool.

STORY: 86%
ART: 89%

Mike Huddleston does some good artwork, I really liked his style and when the sheriff was freaking out, I couldn’t help but laugh at how his mouth turned sharp and pointed, the characters are all nicely done and it just doesn’t look sloppy. I like the details he used it just makes a nice crisp read when you got an artist that does a good job.

I’ll be keeping you updated as I keep following this story, for now though, you should at least hunt down the first issue along with this one. While the story doesn’t seem too far along that you’re out of place its just that knowing HOW everything happened that starts the second issue probably helps.

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