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Comic Review, Butcher Baker #3

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Baker and White Lightning battle it out, with her talking about being horny and sex the whole fight. Yeah, this comic is crazy, but damn fun to read. I still can’t put a finger on how to describe the art style that Mike Huddleston uses. By all means it isn’t sloppy, but something about it just seems raw that makes me have to tear my eyes from every page because I want to just lean into the comic and stare at it closer. The artwork in the comic just oozes with a vibe that is hard to not get sucked into. Plus, the whole Jihad Jones part had me cracking up with his tutu outfit (to make him sound like a better villain, he murdered a bunch of people and was screwing corpses it looked like) The whole scene with the villains in it talking it out, I had to keep skipping back and looking at it all over again. I love that the character designs are tweaked just enough so that it borders absurdity and what a villain can get away with in their persona.

STORY: 86%
ART: 89%

Joe Casey has got a great story coming out of his mind, Butcher Baker isn’t your typical superhero and I really dig that. I’m just damn happy that the comics I have been finding myself getting into are more gear toward adults with my similar tastes in humor. This isn’t something that you want you little kid reading for sure, but for all of us adults, this comic is just damn fun. We could all use a little more fun right? And lightning sex. Read the comic, then you’ll get it.

This is definitely a comic that when it comes across my desk I’ll be reading without hesitation. You should be doing the same, it’s fun, wonderfully drawn, and well written, whats not to like?

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