Ryan Thomason

Comic Review, Brimstone #1

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Normally when you think of a comic from Zenescope you think of the covers with women displaying all of their large assets. Brimstone does away with that completely and brings you right into the horror western pages of this comic.

Let me say one thing first, Artist Hyunsang Michael Cho is a badass. The pages have a more artwork feel that you almost think you should be reading it from a hardcover graphic novel that you shelled out $50 for. If there was one thing that sold me on continuing to follow this series, it’s the artwork. The look and feel of the characters are just so visually appealing you can’t help but find yourself flipping through the pages just admiring them. The creatures/undead are even better, from the first glance of them, I caught myself with a grin on my face. I love cool looking monsters.

STORY: 92%
ART: 94%

Though lets not take away from the writing of the creators Michael Lent and Brian McCarthy. I don’t know if these guys love their western movies or grind house movies from the 70’s, but I’m sure they could probably encapsulate the comics into a movie that would be awesome to see on the big screen. The setting during the civil war is nicely done, and they don’t overdo what could be obvious traps into cliche with the characters. I found myself spellbound as I read the comic, easily blocking out the world as I quickly went cover to cover.

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