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Comic Review: Bodies #7 – Humanity Is Broken

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Yet again, my mind was absolutely blown with Si Spencer and Vertigo’s Bodies #7. Not sure if I can handle that there’s only one more issue.

Bodies #7


WRITER: Si Spencer
ARTIST: Meghan Hetrick, Dean Ormston, Tula Lotay, Phil Winslade
COLORIST: Lee Loughridge
LETTERER: Dezi Sienty and Taylor Esposito
RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2015

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You might’ve noticed that Bodies #7 was released almost a month ago. I read it a few days after it came out and have been struggling since then to coherently put into words what my reaction to this issue was. Just FYI, it’s practically impossible, but let’s have a go at it.

Turns out that Maplewood is responsible for her whole world being in the state it’s in – a world full of people whose brains are “fondue” according to Maplewood’s mother. While she is technically only indirectly responsible as it was her mother who created the Pulse Wave, she must now deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with destroying her world. It’s heartbreaking and so so sad to see her deal with it.

But honestly, she’s nowhere near as guilty (or horrible) as Whiteman. Jesus, Si, you’ve created a monster with this one. Issue #7 reveals that “Someone has BROKEN humanity; taken the fragile toy of love and hope and desire that KNOWS we are loved and smashed it to the wall in an idiot child tantrum…” We find out that “The German airman has the means to slow their lethal STEP, to trip its progress in the final mile” and Charles can “confess and let the airman live—mend the beautiful, imperfect, WONDROUS toy.” So it’s up to Charles whether or not he saves humanity. He has a choice, and what does he do? He walks out. But not before he is forced (literally – he own eyes are shot into his head) to see himself in everyone and everything around him, evidenced by his face on a dog, a baby, and all three of our other detectives.

If you’re not clear on what is going on, join the club. Charles is pretty much the only one whose purpose is clear. Edmond’s got his Order of Mithras turning “queer in [his] honour” and Shahara’s been locked up by an all too willing Barber, which causes her to attempt suicide with a plastic spoon…I think. The purposes of each of our detectives’ Order is decidedly unclear. Oh yeah, there’s also the reveal of “Jack the Ripper” in a tank, and he’s got tentacles from the waist down. Can I just say how epic the artwork in Bodies #7 was? Phil Winslade’s work with Charles’ surreal experiences are mindboggling and, honestly, without Lee Loughride’s incredible coloring, these comics wouldn’t be what they are. Incredible.

We’ve got a massive amount of tension, confusion, horror, and suspense leading into the next and final issue of Bodies, which comes out in a week! I know that not all of my questions will be answered, which is perfectly fine by me, but I’m waiting with bated breath to see how all this craziness comes to a close. But I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sequel!

Make sure you check out my interview with Bodies’ author Si Spencer to learn more about where the idea for Bodies came from and how he went about writing it.

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