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Comic Review: Blue Estate #1

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What happens when you mix Russian mobsters, an alcoholic sexy vixen, a fat dope for a private eye, and a crazy movie star that is about to be bilked of his fortune? You get something like Blue Estate.

I wasn’t sure what I was walking into when I started reading this comic, one thing was for certain, this isn’t a kids comic. Man, I love being an adult. In this issue, we get a look at “The Rachel Situation”. Rachel being the wife of the apparent weirdo mega movie star that likes to bang black dudes in the steamy shower of a fitness club. Did I mention this was an adult book? The man-sex was implied at least, for those of you who live in fear of seeing a penis that isn’t your own. I have to say though, I enjoyed this comic, though it seemed a little quick I had no assumption that we’d actually get to learn the whole ‘Rachel Situation’ in one issue. No crazy cliffhanger, or just weird shit going on, it’s a tightly written story (Vicktor Kalvachev, Andrew Osborn) that makes you want to keep reading the next issue because the story is just that damn good.

STORY: 90%
ART: 84%

As for the artwork, I really liked it, though it did touch at times at looking like there may have been too many hands in the cookie jar, with Kalvachev, Nathan Fox, and Toby Cypress all credited in the art, it seemed that some pages were just totally drawn different than others and that dampened the flow a little bit. Thankfully the art was nicely done, it would have been one thing if one guy was good and the other two were ‘meh’. You get a nice visual treat as your flip through the pages. Add in the tight scripting and story, you’ve got a excellent first issue for a new series. This is definately something you will want to put in your hold if you’re getting bored of all the fancy superheros.

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