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Comic Review: Birthright #1

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Birthright #1
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Andrei Bressan
Publisher: Image
Release date: October 8, 2014

Try out Birthright #1 for yourself.

When I was just a wee lass, I loved to daydream. I’ve lost count of how many fantasy stories I had thought up staring out my classroom window; everything from a hole appearing beneath me and swallowing me up to a different dimension to hidden door in a forest that would reveal a Narnia-esque world. Didn’t matter where I would be whisked away to the out come was always the same, I was the chosen one. The one to save this mystical world and defeat evil that had been laying waste to the land. This comic is for every kid like me that ever wanted to be spirited away to a strange, fantastical world. To that hidden portal or door that would lead them to a life of slaying dragons or magical beings that claimed you, this small insignificant child, were the most important thing in the world. (And yes, I am aware of the psychology behind these fantasies, thank you.)

Now mental state diagnostics aside, my day dreaming days have diminished exponentially in my older years. Mostly my head is filled with boring adult concerns like if I left my hair straightener on,what I’m going to make for dinner, or if I’m going to come home to cat  barf on my bed again. Nothing very thrilling about that, unless my cat ate something particularly colorful that day.

Birthright brings back all those long forgotten stories, not with pages of fantastical lands and beasts but, of a family’s distraught over losing a son. Co-creator and writer, Joshua Williams says this comic was written about what happens after the epic adventure of a spirited away child, what the “chosen one” has returned home and  how his or her family has dealt with their disappearance. Definitely a different take on the different world adventure that Birthright pulls off very well! After a young boy named Mikey goes missing after wandering too far into a forest, his family is left in the wake of his bizarre disappearance. After a year Mikey’s grief stricken family is told a strange man claims to be their lost son. Could this grown man’s stories of other worlds and magic be true and a family have finally found their son or is a more sinister force at work?

Birthright is a great blend of a enchanting story with the normalcy of every day life that is a great read for any fantasy fan. The story itself is given away just in name alone, but some twists and surprises along the way give it an exciting different take on a common story premise. A great comic for all of us with a little adventurer still thinking of fanatical stories underneath all our adulthood.

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