Ryan Thomason

Comic Review, ’68 #1 (of 4)

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What happens when it’s 1968 and you’re stuck in the middle of Vietnam? You get to beat some zombies down with plenty of racial Asian jokes. Oh, and plenty of zombie killin’!

If you always thought that the Age of Aquarius needed a little something more, why not just say “Oh why the hell not?” ’68 decided that the Vietnam war could have used some zombies, and it was an interesting read. I’ll start with the artwork, which is always a huge player when it comes to zombies. I liked the look that the guys (Nat Jones, Tim Vigil, Jay Fotos) put on these zombies. The art got the point across, and didn’t seem to have to dwell on the excessive, which you can always find when it comes to zombies. I liked the Jungle environment and honestly, I just couldn’t find much to talk down on the artwork, it did a good job of progressing the story.

Which leads me to Mark Kidwell who wrote the script for this 4 shot issues. I want to just get one thing off my chest first. How the hell was a soldier that was crawling through a tunnel that was already lets say, 10 feet underground end up being in the only tunnel that apparently had 20 different zombies buried just far enough away from the walls to stick their arms out and grab at him….twice, in a separate tunnel systems? I just couldn’t get past that part, yes, it’s cool when zombies stick their hands out of the ground, but that’s usually from THEIR GRAVES, not random tunnels that twist around underground. Are they worm zombies, or Aardvarks? I’m not sure, but I was having a fun ride till that part, then it just derailed my brain.

STORY: 75%
ART: 87%

Though, if you’re the type that doesn’t get a bug up their ass like I did when it comes to those types of story telling this is just a romping good zombie’s eating the hell out of people and getting brass in their face. It’s only a four issue run that they are doing, so you might as well pick it up now, so you don’t have to wait and hope that a trade for it comes out in the far future.

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