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Comic Review, 30 Days of Night, Again #1

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Vampires, Check. A whole hell of a lot of blood, Check. Nailing people to walls and then eating them, Check. Something I won’t read again, Check.

So, I had heard that 30 Days of Night is the blood soaked vampire stuff, and I knew that going into this comic there would be that. I didn’t expect it to be at the level of what I just read though. I don’t mind vampire and the whole blood n guts thing, but 30 Days of Night, Again is overkill for me. I’d put this series as the polar opposite extreme of Twilight, where I like to settle in the middle of the vampire extremes. If you like your bloody ass vampires though, this is a comic for you, if you can get past the artwork. When I first started reading the comic you can tell right off the bat you’re not going to get the clean lines and what you normally see in comic books. The first couple of pages definitely had a more of a painters look to them, and I really dug it. But then after the first flashback and you’re taken to the modern times I fell out of sync with the artwork. If Sam Keith had kept the whole issue as wonderfully done as the 1943 submarine flashback bit I would have probably put the second issue on my to read list.

STORY: 81%
ART: 78%

Story wise, for being a #1 issue, it sure felt like if I hadn’t read 30 days of Night, I totally missed out on the whole plot. There was back story that the reader didn’t know about that kept me wondering what/who the hell they were talking about. I was hoping that as a new reader, I’d be getting a story that I could grow and learn with, not something I’d have to go back to the original content. Maybe this is how it’s always done when a series gets a reboot, I don’t know, I’m still a comic book novice. For me when I’m reading a #1, I expect to be at the beginning of a new story, not a second chapter. With that, Joe Lansdale may have kept true to the first run of 30 Days of Night, I wouldn’t know obviously. I did like the idea surrounding this new beginning though, and I have to say I’m interested as HELL to find out what’s in that torpedo tube that was shout out of the Nazi sub in the 1943 and is currently now thawing out. I may have to take a peek at the second issue just to satisfy my taste.

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