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Comic Publishers and Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, Who’s In, Who’s Out and what you can do about it

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Everyone in Utah by now knows who Dan Farr and his crew that has been bringing Comic Con and FanX to the Salt Lake City area. They’ve been doing a fantastic job of assembling talent from all the big industries within the Salt Palace for 3 days of fun for us geeks. The thing is, they can only do so much behind the scenes, show only so much data, give so much of their time and energy to bringing more Comics to SLCC.

We all can help bring the major comic book publishers to SLCC 2014, here is how.

WPR is committed to doing everything we can to leverage all of our contacts, and some of them go straight to the top at major Comic Book Publishers in the industry so that SLCC 2014 brings the COMICS in Comic Con! It’s time to take the last 6 years of building our contacts list and relationships with these companies so that all of us here in Utah get the Comic Con we deserve. It’s going to be tough, especially since publishers may have prior commitments already but we think that if we as a community can SHOW them how they are making the right decision to be exhibiting at a booth and bringing their talents to Salt Lake, like a baseball field in the cornfield of nowhere. They will come.

It just may be later than sooner.

Here is the honest truth. Comic Publishers aren’t going to drop or change all of their planning that is done a year or two in advance to accommodate for Salt Lake City Comic Con in September. That is, unless they can overwhelmingly be shown that their investment of time, money and creativity is a good ROI (Return on Investment). It’s sad to say that yes, it comes down to money sometimes, if they can’t come out even, there is little incentive to be here beyond brand exposure.

As much as everyone screams and flails their arms over the latest celebrity announcement (We do it too, don’t worry). We need to showcase that EXACT kind of emotion for the Comic Book Industry. Because if we don’t, it ceases to be a Comic Con. We’ll keep you updated as the responses from our contacts filter back to us. In the past week I’ve been talking to executives at DC Comics, Marvel, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Zenescope, Dark Horse Comics, Zenescope, Red5 and Dynamite Comics. Some have and haven’t responded in an official capacity and I’m honoring the wishes of some for us to wait because authorizations take time at some companies.


If you want to help us get more publishers interested in coming to Salt Lake Comic Con simply showing them the numbers from SLCC 2013 and the recent FanX in a nice presentation isn’t going to cut it. What it’s going to take is us as a geek community in Salt Lake City banding together in a unified place and making your voice known. Then having your voices shown directly to the people who need to see it. I will take the leadership role in doing just that, using my comic book connections I’ve built up over the last six years for WatchPlayRead to show them that Salt Lake City is just as much a comic book convention town as it is a place for celebrities to gather to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

What we need YOU to do is lend us your voice. Leave a comment here. Tell them your passion for comics and we will make your voices heard. SHARE THIS with everyone you know that is just as passionate as you about comic books. As our voices grow increasingly in volume as we gather more in unison. I will keep calling, keep emailing and keep doing everything I can to show the publishers you are here. You want their comics represented at Salt Lake Comic Con. You’re just as excited to introduce your friends and family to the glorious world of comic books just as much as catching a glimpse of Nathan Fillion, Patrick Stewart or crazy cosplay.

You may look at the list below and find the task daunting, or even overwhelming. If there is something that we’ve ever learned from comics books though, it’s that when you overcome the odds amazing things happen. It takes some hard work, you’re going to get slugged around, you’re going to get a little hurt. When you stand as a group, your powers are nearly limitless. Heads can be turned, opinions changed, schedules re-worked if the voices are loud enough.

Do this with us. Lend your voices, let us be heard.

This list will be updated as new information comes in


Boom! Studios sadly confirmed to me that they won’t be exhibiting this year because they are already committing to Baltimore Comic Con the same weekend. We’ll have to wait another year for official Adventure Time comics and more from the first publisher who ever started working with WPR.

Dark Horse Comics confirms that they have several prior commitments and will unfortunately not be able to exhibition. The small light at the end of the tunnel is that they may be having some key creators attending, we think Mike Mignola would appreciate Salt Lake, don’t you? We’ll keep you in the loop as Dark Horse will make any announcements closer to the convention.

IDW Publishing Has confirmed that they will not be exhibiting this year.

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