Comic Preview: Silent Hill Past Life #1

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A few months ago at E3 Konami announced that sometime next year we would see the release of Silent Hill 8 (at this point it is still unnamed). A month later at SDCC Tom Waltz announced that he would be doing another Silent Hill mini-series for IDW. Why do we care? How are they connected? Wel,l Waltz is co-writing Silent Hill 8. Waltz has stated that for the first time ever he has been given the responsibility to write some of the back story for this infamous town (that sound you just heard was me peeing my pants in excitement). To add more intrigue, Waltz has stated that some of the characters introduced in this comic will play a pivotal role in Silent Hill 8. That being said let’s look at this comic-

It is 1870 and Jebediah and Esther Foster have decided to return east from the Dakotas to Esther’s family home in Silent Hill. The pregnant Esther seems filled with light and hope; however the former criminal Jeb is much more morose about their new home. Maybe Silent Hill isn’t the best place for this couple to settle down. Jeb’s past is hinted at, and that he he might of played a part in pushing Indians off their land to make way for white settlers, and he is referred to as “Hellrider”. Esther is questioned as to whether she thinks her baby can be different from its father. I won’t go into details and I won’t give anything away as this is Silent Hill and Everything in Silent Hill is a mystery, but this issue is full of strange shadows and visions, and downright disturbing characters.

Menton3, the artist, has been on my radar for some time now, however this is the first comic of his I have read. He has a deep talent for the surrealistically fucked up. A marriage between him and Silent Hill seems like a match made in heaven. If you would like to look at some of his art work he has a page at deviant art .

This issue is $3.99 and a must have for Silent Hill fans, make sure you stop in at your local comic store and pick it up tomorrow!

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