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From The Comic Hold: Conan The Barbarian #21 (The Black Stones arc)

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The Black Stones Arc ends, and Conan the Barbarian “Queen of the Black Coast” is nearing it’s end too.

Conan The Barbarian #21

Writer: Brian Wood

Artist: Paul Azaceta, Dave Stewart (Colors)

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: October 16, 2013

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To say something of the effect that Conan is only a blood thristy warrior, only out for gold, glory, and women. Well, you’re right. But, Conan does have some true ventures in Love in his life. Belit is the first of them, as this has been their story together. The ending of The Black Stones arc was a little beautiful in a way. Hey, there were flowers on the last panel, I saw them.

With Belit and Conan split up, he had promised her one thing. That he would find her. Unknowing that the ancient magic of the Black Stones had taken over her being, Conan is on the run from the cultist that worship The Black Stones. Their leader is a little creepy, ok, really creepy in a good way. We really get to see that Sword and Sorcery that Robert E Howard was just so damn adept at creating with his writing. I was mostly expecting the worse for the poor little boy that was present for witnessing the true power of the Black Stones, sometimes, things pan out for everyone.

Well, everyone that doesn’t cross Conan.

Brian Wood’s contribution to this adaption is nearly over, since the last Arc “The Song of Belit” will be starting in the next issue, I’ll say that his writing has been outstanding throughout this run, and he’s taken me through some ups and downs with one of my most beloved characters. I have enjoyed every panel of it. The art by Paul Azaceta and colors from Dave Stewart were excellent, I loved the last few pages. I smiled as I closed the book, it felt good. But, in my mind I know that eventually this love story will come to an end. While I already know the specifics, I can’t wait to see how it plays out in this comic.

If you want to go ahead and save yourself some money, go buy the comic here: Conan the Barbarian #21

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