The Comic Critic Presents Seldom Seen Films: Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion!

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book_SSFWhile at Rose City Comic Con I spoke with a very talented writer and artist named Mark Monlux. We talked about a book he wrote that I had seen at other conventions before and still had my eye on. I was delighted when he gave me a copy to review. One of the best parts about going to any comic con, (especially Rose City) is meeting all the artist and authors. I have to say, Mark was one of the easiest artist to talk to; he made me laugh several times.

The Comic Critic Presents Seldom Seen Films is an amazingly entertaining “Sunday morning comic strip” style book. In it Mark takes a movie he’s seen and reviews it in about 9 panels, give or take a few depending on the movie. I read this book in a single sitting, and laughed the whole way through. Since then I’ve designated it as my coffee table book, and must say it’s been picked up by quite a few guests. The best part about books like Mark’s, is even after reading them once (or twice like I did) you can pick it up and thumb through it and still be entertained. You can literally flip to any page and find a strip that’s going to make you laugh! Now I can admit that a film critic reading comics of film reviews is a bit like a mechanic reading Auto Trader. Of course I’m going to enjoy it, but if anything being a critic made me well… more critical of The Comic Critic. I think the main reason I enjoyed this book so much is that I truly appreciated Marks odd sense of humor.

 Some of my favorite reviews in this book: March of the Penguins, Donny Darko, and Novocain. My favorite part of his book though was the breakdown of his rating system in the very beginning of the book. You can see his rating system bellow.

OVERALL RATING 9 OUT OF 10 – I look forward to seeing more from Mark!

Check out Mark’s site and pick up a copy of his book. For $10 it’s a steal. I honestly encourage you to buy this book, or at least check out his site!

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