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Transformers #17 – Review

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I saw the first Transformers reboot movie in the theaters once, that’s all I’ve had to experience this series since I was a little kid. Is the comic good enough to ignite that All Spark in me again that the new movies couldn’t?

Because I’m jumping in #17 issues deep, I’m including the little info that the comic gives you at the beginning.

Story so Far:
Megatron has returned to Earth in a new and much more powerful body. He has sent a cache of incredibly dangerous weapons ahead of him, and through subversion and manipulating the general climate of fear, has turned humans against the Autobots. Decepticons have broke out prisoners from the Skywatch base, and Megatron has now captured may of Ultra Magnus’ team. Little does he know, Prime and a group of Skywatch agents have emerged from the Pacific, where the were thought to be lost…

So, with that, how was this comic? Damn awesome. So good, I already sent the publisher an email requesting the first 16 issues (one of the perks of being a comic reviewer). Milne is an excellent artist and I loved the look of not only the Transformers, but the people too. In lots of comics I see people get sloppy, you don’t see that in this. You get nice clean art, and man do I love clean comic book art.

The premise of the comic is that Megatron is back, and he’s got a new suit that just can’t be touched in power. This current run seems to be that the Decepticons are getting their revenge on the Autobots, and seem to be doing a fine job of it. Megatron leaves weapons from his former body scattered across the planet, in the hands of the crazies, then uses the weapons to manipulate the humans. What we had in this issue was a standard hostage situation of downed autobots trapped on a school playground with some of these crazies holding Megatrons old weapons in a stand off style with police and crowd watching on. Though, in the end, all it took was one mistake to really make the crap hit the fan for the Autobots.`

STORY: 91%
ART: 94%

I like the pacing and thought that the issue was well written. This is the Transformers that I grew up loving as a kid, forgot as a teenager, and then got torn to shreds from the grave by a couple of Hollywood movies. If there was one thing to REALLY bring me back into the Transformers universe it would be these comics by Costa and Milne.

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