Ryan Thomason

Comic Book Review: Jurassic Park, Devils in the Desert #4

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We get the 4th and final issue in this Devils in the Desert run, though, it’s not making me itch with any dinosaur fever. John Byrne wrote and did the art for this story, and I have a little bit of an issue with both aspects. Maybe it’s because I’m tired, and grumpy, but nothing really wowed me about this issue. Yes, we got to see the concluding arc of what happens with the flying reptiles that managed to make their way into the Californian desert. I just felt underwhelmed by it all. In the last issue, I got a big kick out of the rednecks decked out in orange trying to do some dino hunting. We didn’t get anything like that this issue.

STORY: 78%
ART: 81%

I’m glad I read the whole run though, it was nice to step back into the story of Jurassic Park that I haven’t touched on since I was a kid, it had it’s ups and downs, but only slightly did it capture the magic that was the movies. I’d say it’s more of extension to the universe that everyone should at least take a look at, the go back and watch the movies again.

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