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Jurassic Park: Devils in the Desert #3 – Review

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What has our favorite dinosaur series been up to lately? I dunno, I’m finding out as I go along just like you, come with me as I dive into issue #3, totally skipping the first two. Hopefully I don’t end up getting spit in my face like Newman did.

Part of the reason I don’t like to jump into a new comic a couple of issues in is that you tend to have to piece together what the hell is going on. Though, when you’re doing something like Jurassic Park, it was pretty easy to take a guess. Dinosaurs get loose, people die. I was able to figure out everything quickly in this issue. Aside from not knowing who the characters were it wasn’t much of a problem.

Just how the hell did the Dinosaurs get off the island and into the California desert? Well, if you remember the last Jurassic Park movie, the dinosaurs with wings were flying outside of the confines of the park. What we got here in this issue though were Pteranodons. If my little kid self was looking at me right now, he’d be ashamed, but I honestly can’t remember exactly how that species was like. They fly, have nasty teeth and rip off some hick hunters head. Yeah, it did get a little cliché, especially with the Indian deputy sheriff and his son tracking the dinosaurs down.

I chuckled when the hunters pulled up in their jeep all wearing camouflage and orange vest/hats. Yes, that is what you wear during hunting season, in the woods. Not when you’re dinosaur hunting in the middle of the desert. They served their purpose though, and it was something you could totally call happening in real life.

STORY: 81%
ART: 79%

While they were able to snag the Pteranodons that they could find, the ‘good guys’ are sure that there are more, while InGen (The company that created the dinosaurs) things they are in the clear. I’ll keep reading, I loved the Jurassic Park series as a kid and the artwork and writing of Byrne have kept me interested. I’m hoping for some sped up evolution to happen, cause it’ll get boring real quick if the whole series is just taking down one species of flying dinos.

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