Ryan Thomason

Comic Book Review: Iron Siege #3 (of 3)

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What happens when you take American and German soldiers in a French town during World War 2? Oh, and throw in some crazy looking monsters that are trying to kill them, forcing the two groups to work together? You get Iron Siege.

Typically, I don’t jump into a series without reading the first issues, so it was a little odd for me to jump into the final book of this one. Right off the bat I have to say I really dig the idea. World War two has been played out a million ways, and most of them are the same, so it was nice to see this interesting take. If you want to see some gruesome looking monsters eating and beating the crap out of people this is your thing. I liked the look of the monsters that were drawn by Trevor Goring, as the detail that went into them were very well done. I can’t say as much for the human characters though, because at times they just seemed blurry because of the art style. Maybe it was because I was reading it off a .pdf file instead of nice pages that played that eye trick on me, I’ll chop it up to that.

STORY: 85%
ART: 81%

James Abraham and Andrew Hong did a nice job with the story, then interactions with the German and Americans were nicely done. I had to give a laugh to the American soldier playing the “This could be our last night alive,” bit to a girl in the village and utterly failing at it. But really guys, we all knew he would have gotten laid, at least according to my Grandpa’s stories..

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