Ryan Thomason

GI Joe #164 – Review

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I go old school, and read a comic that has the look and feel of the 80’s cartoon that a lot of us geeks grew up with. So, how was my excursion? Mentally exhausting at times to be honest. It’s been something like 20 years since I was really into GI Joe. One of the things that threw me off was all the different names for the characters. While the great artwork of S L Gallant did a great job of transforming me back to sitting in front of the TV and watching the show. The writing by Larry Hama could have been lifted out of the scripts from an episode as well. The thing is, it isn’t the 80’s anymore.

While everyone seems to have the old school look, down to Cobra Commanders cloth ‘helmet’ the technology they use is more modern. The premise of the issue is that The Baroness is in a Joe high security base under lockdown in a cell. The same cell Storm Shadow had recently escaped from. Don’t the Joes learn? Another thing going on is that Snake Eyes mind is apparently being screwed with by Dr Venom, though the ‘switching’ at the end, really made sense now that I think about it.

STORY: 84%
ART: 87%

I really don’t like jumping into the middle of a comic series, especially one as entrenched as GI Joe, it was fun though, and while my kid self would have shook his heat at me as I got confused with everyones weird names I still had fun reading it. And honestly, because of how the Storm Shadow/Snake Eyes fight went down in the end, I HAVE to see what happens next. Yo Joe!

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