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Ghostbusters Infestation #2 – Review (Updated)

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I’m only going to say four words that will be enough for you to want to read this comic, are you ready for it? Zombie Stay Puft Marshmellowman. Yes, IDW publishing, with the great writing of Erik Burnham and art by Kyle Hotz we get to see the gloriousness that is zombie Stay Puft. I’ll leave it at that, because it should be enough to make you pick it up, it’s that cool.

The gang is approached by the mysterious vampire lady from another dimension and they seem to fall for her tricks. Thankfully she doesn’t take much screen time. What we get is another great issue that had me grinning the whole time with the little inside jokes. My favorite was Winston making another “big twinkie” reference, it’s stuff like that and the other little things that pay homage to a series from my childhood that is just done right in rebooted comic book form.

Once again, Burnham does a great job moving the story along, and Peter delivers on the funny bits perfectly. It’s funny how when I read comics, usually I have different ‘voices’ in my heads for the characters as I’m reading. With this comic, it’s so much in line with what I remember from the movies, that I can hear the original actors voices in my head as I’m reading. I’m not sure if that made any sense, but what I’m trying to say is that this just FEELS like Ghostbusters, and we can thank Burnham for that. Hotz does a nice job with the artwork, I really liked how he did the whole Stay Puft scene, it was nicely done and had me wanting for more in the end.

STORY: 84%
ART: 80%

Just like the first issue, where they teased Stay Puff coming in this one, we get another classic baddie coming up for issue #3. I’m already stoked to read that one, and I wonder if it (baddie) is going to get a zombie treatment somehow too will be awesome. I’m so ready for issue #3.

Editors note: This is actually only a two part series, so there you have it, the final issue of the Ghostbusters Infestation, make sure you pick it up because the fun story that it was for these two issues are over! I’m going to go sulk now because I was REALLY bummed out when the writer Erik Burnham pointed this out to me.

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