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Ghostbusters: Infestation #1 – Review

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What happens when in a different dimension a zombie hive mind takes over the body of a vampiric soldier, who then opens up portals to other dimensions to spread the zombie apocalypse? Hopefully not a jerk Bill Murray holding up another Ghostbusters movie.

If you know anything about Ghostbusters, and you’ve wondered what it would be like if they had to go after zombies and not some sort of ghost, this is your comic. It’s been a while since I’ve gone into Ghostbusters territory. I saw the original movie probably a hundred times as a kid, we had the action figures, and had that NES game that was hard as hell when you got to the stairs part. So, what is my first foray in probably 10+ years been like? It was interesting.

First off, I don’t remember Ray being such a focused ass. Not in a bad way though, he was the one with the funny lines, and that attitude that made us all want to be him, it’s just laid on thick. We get the gang meeting up with their first zombie, and for the first time I’ve ever seen, the zombie just stands there while they examine it. Yes, it did eventually attack get blown up by their proton packs, infect a cat, that THEN they blow up was just good ‘ol Ghostbusters that had me grinning.

I dug the story, and I’m really interested to see where they take it, I know zombies are being played out heavily across the multiple comic book universes, but this is one I’m interested in for the nostalgic factor. The artwork isn’t bad, I’ve been spoiled by Ryan Ottley and Chad Hardin who are some of my favorite artists so it’s hard to compare it to them. I have to say though, Kyle Hotz does a good job of keeping you focused on the scenes as they play out. That and his zombies were pretty good for me.

STORY: 80%
ART: 78%

The teaser for the second issue at the end though, I’m already buying the second issue just based off that one screen frame. If you’re a fan of the Ghostbusters, you got to put this in your hold cause you’ll be squealing with delight.

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