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Comic Book Review: Fallen Angel #1

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I’m usually not one to read much into stories that have biblical references tied around them. Mostly because I don’t really get them and it annoys me. So, what do I think of this new series by IDW then?

One comic is really too early to give a verdict as to if I think myself or others should be reading it. Lets just get the obvious stuff out of the way. Peter David did a good job with the dialog and keeping the flow on a tight ship. The swearing never felt out of place, and honestly, it was nice to read a comic I knew was tailored for a older audience that could handle a little complexity. At first, I didn’t know what to think of the artwork by J.K. Woodward since I’m still quite a novice to comics it wasn’t what I expected. By the time I was done, I found myself going back through the comic again and just really taking a good look at the art. That’s when you know the artist did a good job.

The story was centered around Jude, a not so pretty part corpse looking guy. When he tosses a water balloon, filled with gasoline on a head bad guy and lights him on fire. I knew I was going to like this. He retreats to a mysterious city called Bete Noire that is there, but isn’t there. I’m not sure if this goes back to biblical references or not, but the magistrate of this city that people can’t see is a fallen angel from god. Her son? Jude. Who apparently likes to sleep with prostitutes at a whorehouse instead of at his moms house. Really, I’d have to agree with the guy there. The first issue ends with Jude walking out on a discussion with his mother about how he can’t go around killing people that deserve it and bumping into Enoch, Grandson of man and the first magistrate of the city. Again, I don’t know biblical references so how much of this is made up or not, I would have no idea.

I’m not going to let my lack of religious knowledge hamper me from giving this comic a try though. I don’t want to make it seem preachy or in your face with religion, just know that it REALLY bugs me when I don’t get stuff because I haven’t taken the time to know it. I’ll spend my time waiting for the second issue familiarizing myself on some sort of wiki, I’m excited to see where David and Woodward are going to take this thing.

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