Ryan Thomason

Comic Book Review: Doctor Who #1

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What do I think of my first real time spent with Doctor Who? Yes. I have never seen the shows or read any previous material and damn it. I blame you guys for not making me.

So, I don’t really get everything quite yet, but as someone who’s a complete newbie to the Doctor Who universe, this first issue was pretty damn good. So, there is a Rory guy and he used some special phone to look at his emails, thus creating holograms of every spam email he ever got. The different types of characters that pop up were actually pretty fun because you know you’ve gotten them before. Seeing a physical manifestation of them was just icing on the cake. They get transported to a planet that need their help, and all the spam holograms come with them. That is all you’ll get out of me about the story, because the rest of it was a very entertaining read. For that I really have to tip my (top?) hat to Tony Lee. I sat here with a grin on my face the whole time, and through this, I now have to see more of the Doctor Who series I’ve been ignoring pretty much all of my life. The art by Andrew Currie was a great compliment to the writing and he did a great job of not making the guy look like Frankenstein like the pictures I’ve seen of the TV show.

Any Doctor Who fan owes it to themselves to take a look at this comic, and if you’re a new guy like me, give it a read too. You’ll get sucked in like whatever it is that makes them teleport through time and space. Yes, I have a incredible amount of catching up to do so that my geek friends don’t wail on me too much Thank you Tony Lee, you bastard.

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