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Comic Book Review: Dark Sun #1

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D&D has been getting into the comics world lately. We got a sneak peak at their first comic, and IDW was awesome enough to let us take a look at the new Dark Sun series too…back at Christmas time and it published on January 12th. Why did it just land on my desk now? Let’s just say there was a slight issue on our end.

Regardless of our tardiness, this is still something you should be getting now if you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or Post Apoc and let me tell you why. This first issue was actually pretty damn good. Even though I know next to nothing about the Dark Sun universe, being the Post Apoc dork that I am, I was literally hungry for more after I read the comic. Enough to figure out where the heck I can get a DM manual for which the series derives from.

I’m not sure if it is true of all Dark Sun adventures, but this one seems to be a party of two. I know that isn’t totally uncommon for D&D (finding groups can be hard) so it was interesting to have a world that didn’t have a 5 adventuring types group. The main character Grudvik is an ex-gladiator that was tired of being a slave, killed the people trying to capture him after he got some serious nookie with a noblewoman. Wearing a talisman on his neck that appears to be a key to untold riches, and his freedom if they can be found. He ends up hooking up with a trader/slave hunter trying to capture him named Aki, who I like as a comical character to the very intense Grudvik.

The writing by Alex Irvine kept a good pace, and really didn’t leave much to be upset about. I liked the interaction between the two characters and it was clear he could keep the dialog tight. Peter Bergting did a great job on the artwork, when you have to draw pretty much a desert/sand background for everything because well, the whole planet is a desert, it would have been easy to get sloppy. If there is something I really do like, it’s when an artist puts in enough detail where you can actually get drawn in. Bergting did a great job with the desert world and I look forward to seeing more of it.

If you haven’t checked this out yet, even though it’s been out for a couple of weeks, talk to your comic book guy. One final note that I noticed that I wanted to point out is that the comic actually has a different feel for it. The pages aren’t glossy or shiny; they are a little thicker, heavier and…dry? I’m not sure if IDW did that because of the setting the comic is in, but kudos if so, you nailed it. If there was ever something that made you want to pick up a 20 sided die and call some friends over, this would be it. So, anybody in Utah want to play some Dark Sun? Cause I’ve got a big itch to play now.

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