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Come to PAX get H1N1 FREE!!!

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Much like this picture, my toilet has been getting bombarded on a near hourly basis!

I bet a few thousand of you out there weren’t expecting to come home and get sick…much like a lot of us expo dwellers have been showing symptoms of being. Too bad, cause it seems that the PAX officials have come out with a bit of news letting us all know that there was a bit of extra viral marketing going on…literally. On top of all the swag that was passed out at the expo this past weekend, many of us were recipients of various other ailments swirling around the 60,000 person geek stew in Seattle.

One of the game developers showing his wares this weekend at the 2009 PAX event in Seattle returned home only to get sick enough to warrant going to the doctor, from there he was confirmed as having contracted the H1N1 virus (aka Swine Flu). What exactly does this mean? Well considering that a good 80% of the people I attended the expo with have started showing symptoms of being sick with what we’ve coined as ‘Con-SARS’. I think that there’s a good chance of one of us actually having contracted the H1N1 virus.

I’m not worried…really! These assholes who think that a minor flu is going to become the next K-T Extinction Event are just dead wrong. I just find it funny that going to a video gaming expo could spark a massive investigation by the CDC as to the potential of how far reaching the disease might spread. I know that I’ve had a hard time not blowing the back of my jeans out after a meal since Seattle, but I’m just going to attribute that to the heavy drinking and bad foods I ate while there.

Besides, if the stereotypical image of how us gamers interact with other people rings true, it shouldn’t be spreading to anyone at all considering we don’t ever leave our houses or have real life friends to associate with. I just thought it was funny. Hope everyone I met at PAX starts to feel better soon!

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