Cold Space #4

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If you like Samuel L. Jackson, you might like this comic book;  after all, he is credited as one of the creators and is the “main character” in it.  Unfortunately, here in issue #4 of Cold Space, this star vehicle comes to a not-so-surprising end.  That end is not the only thing unfortunate about it either.

Cold Space is the brain child of Samuel L. Jackson and Eric Calderon.  The art is by Jeremy Rock.

Besides having a unsurprising ending, I find I must pan the art.  There is a lot of action in this, the final issue, but it all looks very stiff  and inorganic.  It is distracting when you cannot believe what you see on the page as actually happening.

Yes, the action all comes to a head, but I will not talk about what happens, just in case you want to try to be surprised.

Bottom Line:  $.99/$3.99

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