Cold Space #3

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Everyone loves Samuel L. Jackson, right?

I believe that is the reason that BOOM! decided it could publish Cold Space created by Samuel L. Jackson and Eric Calderon.  Doesn’t that guy on the cover look like Samuel L. Jackson?

Yes, the guy on the cover looks like the man, but the guy on the inside, as drawn by Jeremy Rock, not so much.

I am not sure how much of the writing is actually done by Mr. Jackson himself, but he is credited as such along with his co-creator, Mr. Calderon.  The title is a misnomer as all of the action since half-way through the first issue has not taken place in space at all.  It is still the sci-fi story that the title suggests, but the plot is all Yojimbo influenced taking place on some unnamed moon.

I enjoy the twists and turns that come with such stories, so I am enjoying this comic book, although it is far from perfect.  The art is serviceable.  The story is not completely predictable in its twists and turns.  As the character in the comic does not look like Mr. Jackson, I do not completely feel I just have a self-promoting handbook that the cover lead me to believe it was.  However, I think it was the thought that Mr. Jackson would play this character in the movie that allowed me to be interested in the character who is a little undefined.

Bottom Line$2.99/$3.99

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