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Codebreakers: Looks Promising

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I was able to take a look at a snippet of the new Codebreakers Trade Paperback that Boom! Publishing is putting out. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve always been a fan of the whole cliche super-smart youngish guy that can mystically break codes that I don’t understand because I myself hate math. It looks like this comic is taking a page from the type of formula you see on TV shows it reminded me of the new Rubicon on AMC and a little bit of that “Numbers” show I only half paid attention to.

Regardless of that, I want to read the rest of this to see where the story goes. Written by Carey Malloy and drawn by Scott Godlewski, I think the writing and drawing are solid. It’s that clean comic book looking style that I really dig and is nice eye candy material. The writing is great, the story moves along, and even though the genre has been played to death, Carey doesn’t seem to follow many of the cliches that you tend to always see. I like the team of characters surrounding the story, yes, they threw in a geeky hot chick, who quoted Dr. Who, she works just fine in my book.

Even though its 128 pages, at $30 it’s something that I’m going to have to wait a bit on to make a full purchase without leafing through the actual book somewhere. The holidays is right around the corner, and this will definitely be on my “wish list”. That’s what I get for being such a cheap ass, it’s my own fault.

If you’ve got the money to spare though, this book looks promising, and you should check out the sample gallery (Same as I got to see) and find out if it floats your boat. $20/$20.99 or “Wish List” approved.

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