Codebreakers #4

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Codebreakers #4 is the final issue in this miniseries by BOOM!.  As you may guess from the title, the story revolves around analysts for the CIA.  They are not all number crunchers though, and that helps make this geeks as heroes titles more interesting.

The story was created by Ross Richie, one of the founders of BOOM!; written by Carey Malloy; and drawn by Scott Godleweski.

The art is good, although I found my self distracted by head shots that had no background.  I do not think I am supposed to be distracted by these; I think I am supposed to focus on the character instead.  Must be something wrong with me.

The story turns out to be an onion, with many different layers.  Unfortunately, I found myself overwhelmed at the end when so many of the layers were exposed.   Layers are what is expected of spy stories though, so I should not be surprised.  I think maybe a few more layers shown in earlier issues might have been better, instead of heaping on so many at the end.

I did like the three main supporting characters.  I realize that a lot of the characterization comes from their particular talents, but those talents are very distinct and pretty new to me, so I can accept them.  Also, this is a four issue miniseries with lots of characters, so I take it for granted deep characterization is difficult.

Codebreakers is definitely different from most of the other comic books out there with its analysts’ tale, and that is a plus.

Bottom Line $2.99/$3.99

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