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Clown Fatale #3 – Comic Review

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Chock full o’ busty ladies, g-strings, murder, and clown make-up, the women of Clown Fatale reached the point of no return on their rampage. If you love T & A and violent women in clown make-up, then this series is has your name all over it.

Clown Fatale #3 via

Clown Fatale #3 via

Clown Fatale #3
Script: Victor Gischler
Artist: Maurizio Rosenzweig
Colorist: Moreno Dinisio
Cover Artist:
Steve Morris
Dark Horse
Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 15, 2014

In issue #3, we join the ladies of Clown Fatale as they careen their way through any crossroads of indecision and well past the point of no return. They are committed to doing the job Talbot hired them for–to kill his rival for cold, hard cash. Talbot’s $50K is exactly what they need to escape their miserable existence at the circus. One circus that is now short a Ring Master and a few knife throwers (see issue #2).

The book opens with a flashback: Talbot and Ortiz meet on a park bench to antagonize each other with some ethnic slurs and threats of violence. The meet sheds some light on the web of crime that the clown fatales are messing with. Back in real time, the ladies are shooting up Ortiz’s mansion. Chloe shows she still has a shred of humanity, and restraint, when she finds something unexpected hiding upstairs. Surely, this act of mercy will come back to bite the ladies in the ass. Cut to a hospital room where two orderlies are remarking about the sexy woman in the bed before them. The Siberian Death Squad is not so easily eliminated after all? Talbot sends some goons to take out the clown fatales in retaliation for Chloe’s good judgement. Then in the words of Billy the circus cotton-candy truck guy, “There was shooting and then the guy’s hand was chopped off and there was so much blood and then the explosion…” All this mayhem concludes in the next and final issue #4!

This issue #3 is action-packed and for those readers who like to see scantily-clad women, this book (and this series) has it in spades. And it has just about every action girl trope in existence. Sadly, I didn’t have any laugh-out-loud moments. Nods to actual clowns like big floppy shoes, a rainbow wig, or a baggy, white suite with pom-poms on it would have upped the funny factor for me–even just one balloon animal. That might have been creepy-funny-cool.

I can see this concept as a fake trailer for Grindhouse films alongside Machete or Hobo with a Shotgun. Maybe Robert Rodriquez has his eyes on this for his next feature?

Recommendation: This is great for readers who like their comic ladies with cleavage and books with plenty of butt shots regardless of genre. You folks might want to pick up all the single issues for the Tim Seeley covers too.

If you’d like a physical copy delivered to you, buy one here for only $3.59: Clown Fatale #3

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