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Clown Fatale #2 – Comic Review

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Send in the clowns, those deadly, sexy clowns. This is Clown Fatale!

Clown FataleClown Fatale #2
SCRIPT: Victor Gischler
PENCILS:Maurizio Rosenzweig
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE DATE: December 11th, 2013

Do you like violence? Yeah. Do you like large voluptuous women? Heck yes. Do you like psychopathic ladies dressed up like clowns?! Yea…wait what? Then join our four mentally unstable circus clowns as they bumble their way to become professional hit-women! No really, what?

I’m not sure what kind of drugs were involved in the creation of this, but God bless ’em. Victor Gischler writes some pretty lovable immoral and unethical people. These girls are vulgar, belligerent, violent, and certifiably crazy, but I’m rooting for them all the way. Anti-under dogs, you know they shouldn’t be allowed to win or really get away with anything they’re doing but oh I hope they do! While Maurizio Rosenzweig’s art doesn’t leave much to the imagination sometimes, I appreciate the fact all these ladies have variety of body types.  No cookie cutter Barbies with different colored hair with this. Each character is unique and individual, like real people. Maybe that’s why I love these sociopaths so much?

Coulrophobic’s beware; probably those who find panty shots and uncensored violence distasteful too actually. For the rest of us that have already morally damned ourselves, enjoy! Funny and exciting, this comic keeps it going up until the last panel.  Who wants to see if these clowns can pull it off? I do!

5 out of 5 unnecessary panty shots.
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