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Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution Confirmed

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woohah, he's got you all in check

If you finished Borderlands, you already know about what happens to Claptrap at the end of the game, and if you haven’t then quit reading this right now.

Ok you’re still reading, good. This means that I can talk about the ending of Borderlands without you bitching about me spoiling it for you. After you defeat the big baddy that is hidden within the vault, you see that Claptrap is transformed into a cunning ninja assassin…still in a claptrap body.

Well Gearbox, being the darlings they are, have decided to share with us that there is in fact a 4th set of DLC coming out this September that will use that cliffhanger as the main plot point.

The DLC is titled “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution” and deals with the fact that the Hyperion company is amidst a civil war with the claptrap robots who have been going along the surface of Pandora reanimating the corpses of bandits, skags, rakks, and a few characters that you might remember; Guess whose job it will be to put down the infamous ninja assassin?

The new release will feature 20 new missions, new maps, original boss battles, and undead enemies that have been ‘combined’ with claptrap technology. You’ll also get a chance to get 10 more levels, and 3 more slots to your backpack. We’re all a bunch of Borderlands nerds over here so you can bet that we’ll cough up the $10 (£6.29) for this when it comes out.

Who’s down to run through the co-op with us capped out mofos? Check the forums to find out who’s got what!

*UPDATE* Sorry, there aren’t 10 new levels to gain, the cap stays the same, only this time there are 10 more skill points.

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