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‘Cinema of Shadows’ is Finally Up for Grabs!

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You better hurry if you want to snap up a one of 75 Limited Edition copies, these suckers are going to sell quick. Thankfully for you, I’m on top of getting you the news before everyone else. If you’re a fan of Horror, or just like having the bejeezus scared out of you, this is definitely a book you have to check out. We here at WPR have already talked with the author, Michael West about the book, and I’ve admitted that even though this stuff gives me nightmares, I’m deeply interested.

Like I said before the pre-ordering window is now open for a limited edition hardcover of Cinema of Shadows, which features a Matthew Perry illustration not included in the regular editon. Only 75 (74, I’m buying one) numbered copies of the limited edition will be issued, at a price of $34.95. These are going to get picked up pretty quickly by Horror fans so you might want to jump on the impulse buy and be able to save it for it’s future collectibles value.

There is also a special pre-order offer for the regular trade paperback
edition. Both of the pre-order offers include an array of Cinema of
Shadows collectibles, including a beautiful 14X20 poster of one of the
interior illustrations (also by Matthew Perry), a set of 5X7 glossy art
cards, bookmarks, a pair of buttons, and a magnet.

If you buy from their online store, which you should because everyone needs to support awesome small publishers like Seventh Star, it will be shipped August 1st, to ensure arrival before the book’s August 7th street date. Which at that point will have all the various eBook versions on sale also.

A brief synopsis:

Cinema of Shadows welcomes you to the Woodfield Movie Palace.

The night the Titanic sank, it opened for business…and its builder died
in his chair. In the 1950s, there was a fire; a balcony full of people
burned to death. And years later, when it became the scene of one of
Harmony, Indiana’s most notorious murders, it closed for good. Abandoned,
sealed, locked up tight…until now.

Tonight, Professor Geoffrey Burke and his Parapsychology students have
come to the Woodfield in search of evidence, hoping to find irrefutable
proof of a haunting. Instead, they will discover that, in this theater,
the terrors are not confined to the screen.

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