Ryan Thomason

Chuck Season 5 (Final Season) Promo

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I liked it better when it was this show.

I don’t know why I watched every episode of this show leading up to this final season. Yet, I find myself knowing I’ll watch this one last attempt to steal my eyeballs.

I think I finally became disinterested in the show midway through season 3, yet, I kept watching. It had become one of those shows my wife and I watched together but I just merely watched, not absorbing anything. It was just the same formula every episode and they hammered it down every time, I could make predictions in the plot and nearly found myself right every time.

Yet, like a good monkey, I’ll watch to see how Carmichael Industries ties into the series, and Beardy McBeardytons as the new intersect. I bet Chuck finds out he’s a good spy without the intersect and Morgan does dumb shit. More long, slow shots of girls undressing or dressing with sexy music, and Casey doing something with a gun and a one liner of how awesomely bad ass he is at everything combat related.

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