Jill Seale

Christopher Tin Invites You to Poke Fun at His Grammy-Winning “Baba Yetu”

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“Bob is no longer yet to, yet to get to your linguini…”

That’s Christopher Tin’s example entry for his “Baba Yetu’ Change the Lyrics” contest. Think you can do better? Mr. Tin is willing to reward you with an autographed copy of his album Calling All Dawns (as well as the complete orchestral score), a copy of the “Baba Yetu” choral arrangement, and some memorabilia from the Abbey Road recordings if you can. Not a bad haul for spoofing a few lines of silly sounding lyrics.

All you have to do is become a fan of Tin on Facebook, and submit your entry to the fan page by April 1st (the official contest rules can be found here).

I was really happy when I heard that “Baba Yetu” had won a Grammy, seeing as how from the first day I played Civilization IV I was obsessed with the song. I’ve listened to the song countless times, and I’m definitely going to take a shot at winning all that cool stuff.

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