Evan Burkey

Christopher Hastings To Write Fear Itself: Deadpool

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Looks like you got some Dr. McNinja in my Deadpool, and that’s a good thing.

Marvel has announced that Fear Itself: Deadpool, a new 3-issue series written by Christopher Hastings from Dr. McNinja. The limited issue will feature Deadpool, everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth, as he gets his hands on a magical hammer from those thundery Norse dudes above, and he figures that the town he’s in would pay good money for “protection”. Not much else is known about the story.

I think that Hastings is an excellent choice for a Deadpool miniseries. His work on Dr. McNinja fits somewhat of the same bill as Deadpool. The writing styles are somewhat similar, and both series share a trademark absurd comedy that stands out. I will definitely be picking this series up.


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