Ryan Thomason

China Planning a New Megacity?

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This is what a central government will do for ya, about the size of New Jersey, and Vermont, COMBINED or Switzerland, and an estimated 42 Million residents? That’s hardcore.

The plan, announced in state media, would unite several existing cities in the prosperous Pearl River Delta region, including Guangzhou (12 million), Shenzhen (8.6 million), Dongguan (6.9 million) and six smaller cities. Together, these cities already account for about 10% of China’s economy. The Party’s planners hope improved transport links and better infrastructure be beneficial to the population and to greater economic efficiencies. There is no name for it yet, so hold onto your lame ‘godzilla’ references, it’s the wrong country for that anyways.

I have no idea what the heck the environmental impact of this would be, but really, they don’t care. It’s China after all. I’m very interested in this because from a logistics standpoint, it’s ABSOLUTELY INSANE. What do you guys think? Should we in the US start turning whole states into one giant mega city to compete?


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