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Child of Eden – Synesthesia Trailer

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If Q Entertainment (Q?) puts a game out, it’s usually worth owning.

Considering they’re the company that brought us Meteos, Lumines, and Every Extend Extra Extreme…I think it’s safe to say that the game will have excellent music, beautiful graphics, and addictive gameplay. The best news is that it’s not a full retail release and will be available on XBLA on June 17th and sometime in September for the PS3. I think I’ll be waiting for the PSN release…if they ever can get their shit together.

In case you need to know the synopsis:

Child of Eden thrusts the player into the center of a battle to save Project Lumi, a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden, the archive of all human memories. As the project nears completion, the archive is invaded by an unknown virus. The player’s mission is to save Eden from the virus, restoring hope and peace.

I think it looks a ton like a new Panzer Dragoon game to me, except with disco balls and ecstasy instead of the fantasy setting.

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