Child of Eden – Review

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From the creator of Rez comes a psychadelic acid trip that shines above all other Kinect titles… literally.

The story of Child of Eden is of a girl being born into the world of the internet. Her personality, memories, everything, was all saved as data and is being put together in Project Lumi. Now there is a virus attack right before the project was finished. Your goal is to run through the different sections like a rail shooter and destroy all the viruses and purify all the code you can by shooting them. You have two weapons at your disposal, a lock on laser for the right and a machine gun style gun for the left. As you lock on and shoot enemies they become purified to a nice blue color or they are completely obliterated into sound, music, and light. It’s surprisingly engrossing. The visuals are all bright and crisp. Very surreal.

The music and action pull you in much more than the story can. I found myself bobbing my head or tapping a foot along with the beat the entire time. The controls are surprisingly smooth for a Kinect title with only a few annoyances I’d like to see fixed. To pause the game you have to hold your left arm downward at a 45 degree angle and wait for the game to realize what you want, then wait for the circle timer to finish. During this time you are getting hit repeatedly by the enemies and missing out

SOUND: 100%

entirely. This is a Kinect problem across the board, however, and therefore can’t really be blamed on this title. The swapping of hands, sliding movement of aiming, and flicking of the wrist to fire the laser are all quite smooth. The select functions in the menus still require a moment of hovering over it to select them, but it is much faster than many other titles such as Kinect Adventures. Overall, I’d say this is currently the number one title for the Kinect. Number two if you are still in love with Dance Central.

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