Sarah Eitelberg

Child of Light: An Enchanting Game Experience

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Beautiful, enchanting, and exciting, Child of Light is a short trip that makes me long for more.

Child of Light

Child of Light by Ubisoft


Child of Light
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Writer: Jeffrey Yohalem
Composer: Cœur de pirate
Engine: UbiArt Framework
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Release Date: April 30th, 2014

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Bedtime stories, told to lull our precious children into dreams of adventure and fantasy. Even as they sleep we try to protect them from unpleasantness and fear. A mother tells her child a bed time story, a story of adventure and magic, of an enchanted world and a princess sent to save it. A story of Aurora and the magical world of Lemuria.

The world of Lemuria is a truly beautiful, dreamlike world.  A side scrolling type of environment full of secret treasures that can be found through puzzles. While puzzle games tend to drive me to rage quitting,  these weren’t too bad. Difficult enough to make you stop and think for a moment, but easy enough I didn’t feel the need to hurl my controller across the room. The watercolor art style is simply breathtaking. It seems as if each character, fauna, and flora were hand painted in. Flying Princess Aurora through the trees and caves is almost relaxing as light soothing music plays in the background. Until you run into an enemy, that is.

The battle system for Child of Light took some getting use to for me, but once I figured it out I loved it! Similar to most RPGs when you run into an enemy you begin the battle, sneaking behind one gives you the advantage and of course vise versa.  Once in the battle however, you race against enemies to try to get a spell or attack off before they do. With an Active Time Battle like system you, your party and enemies fly down the “wait” bar to get to the “cast” section. Once there you can fire off  an action hopefully before the baddies do. Through time altering spells you can slow the enemy and speed up a companion, or sometimes break an attack all together. While it’s tremendously frustrating when an enemy interrupts your attack and sends you to the beginning of the time line, it’s ridiculously fun to return the favor. As they say turnabout is fair play and it’s very, very satisfying in this game.

Child of Light is a relatively short game, I beat it in about 2 days, but for it’s price I was expecting much more. Through Game+ however, you can start the game over with your same skills and more challenging enemies, extending your game play experience a little longer. I’m on my second play though to try to find any treasures and side quests I missed in my first time around. With a new companion DLC out already I’m hopeful a few more are on their way, so I can enjoy the story book world of Lemuria a little longer.

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