Check Out My Setup. Also, I’m A Traitorous Dog

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I did once say that I’d never own a 360 given I generally disliked Microsoft. That said after playing on the 360s at uni, I did grow to enjoy the console largely due to Dead Rising. I don’t want to know how much I played that game, though it must be close to GTA San Andreas levels.

Still I kinda said that if I could get a brand new 360 for £65, I’d buy it straight up. That of course was a risk given that I, at the time was a hardened fan of Sony and it’s products. However, a friend offered to pay HALF the cost of my 360 and so I got a 360 AND Left 4 Dead for just £65.

Which also presented me with a problem: I wanted at least one of my consoles to run in glorious high def, which meant the LCD normally used for the PC had to be switched, leaving me with no computer monitor. However, I did have a monolith of a CRT monitor as backup – that badboy has a 21″ screen, supports a beefy 1600×1200 resolution, weighs about the same as a moon and kicks out more heat than a nuclear blast. Hell the top is so huge that I can stack the TV on top of that with relative ease. This also means I could potentially watch or do 3 things at once – 360, PC stuff and either PS3 / TV. And so after the jump I present a few pictures of what the best idea I’ve had in a long time looks like – enjoy


Also, picture of my chair – I had this boring ass office chair, which was also pretty uncomfortable to sit on over long periods of time. I then heard that my nan wanted to get rid of it, so I jumped at the chance and moved it to my room. If you can’t tell – it is pretty comfy even if it is harder to maneuver.


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