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Check out the Killer First Trailer for Season 3 of Vikings

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The halls of Valhalla await…

The cast and creator of History’s fantastic show, Vikings, took to SDCC this week to promote the upcoming season 3 and gave us fans some great stuff to get excited about. The first thing we got was a killer trailer teasing the direction of the new season. It appears Ragnar Lothbrok will be taking his new role as king very seriously and isn’t content to sit around on a throne. The trailer promises even more sacking and pillaging of foreign lands, which according to the cast will include France. Paris in particular will be a focal point of Vikings raids this year. Also look for the Frankish emperor to become a major obstacle to Ragnar’s plan for Viking expansion. The cast also promised the death of a major cast member, someone without the last name Lothbrok. Who it is will remain a mystery for the time being, but it’s just another reminder that Vikings doesn’t pull any punches when it come to the brutality of the Viking age. Take a look at the trailer and see if you can figure out who will be dining in the halls of Valhalla before the show returns early next year.

Vikings will return for it’s 3rd season in 2015

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