Champions Online, Spiritual Successor to CoH

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As some of you may know I recently got myself the free trial for City Of Heroes after finding myself in a gaming lull with nothing new to play nor any cash to fork out to buy any new games. This turned out to be a very bad idea as I am now thoroughly addicted for what time I have left anyway. I found myself wanting more so headed off to the Cryptic (the creator of City of Heroes) website. I was happy to see that they are actually working on a new MMO called Champions Online which is apparently based in the Champions universe. I have no idea what the Champions universe is, nor do I care, find out why after the jump.

One thing that piqued my interest immediately in CoH (aside from the phenomenal character customisation) was the rag doll physics employed in game. For example powers that had a knockback would literally send enemies falling to their doom off the edge of a cliff or building. This feature is also present in Champions along with an even more vast character customisation toolset. You can now customise the colour of all powers along with their emanation effects. Here’s hoping I can finally fulfil my lifelong dream of having a glowing purple dick laser. This total customisation of the powers does not stop there though, there are no character archetypes unless you ant there to be. You are literally let loose in the Toys R Us of superhero powers and told to “go nuts”. I assume there will be certain bonuses applied if you do stick to an archetype or if you grab a few powers from a single set, etc.

This leads me to my next point in that after designing your hero, you proceed to the next character creation screen, that of your arch-nemesis. This sounds like a great idea to me, being able to tailor your ultimate enemy to fit a backstory or just to make it a great story to live out. Throughout your character’s levelling career you will come into contact with your antithesis on a number of occasions culminating in a final battle. If you do manage to kill them though don’t worry you can just make another, or leave them dead forever (As a side note you don’t have to create a nemesis at all if you don’t want to). The best part of this nemesis system is you can invite all your friends to do battle with him too, even facing off in a super team against all of your nemeses combined. To me this sounds like pure, unadulterated awesome.

The graphics of Champions are a step up from that of it’s spiritual predecessor, and also have a much more comic book style to them, having a cell-shaded look similar to that of Team Fortress. I am really looking forward to this game and hopefully without NCSoft in control of the decisions Champions Online will do even better than Cryptic’s last game. Champions Online releases later this year on both PC and 360.

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