Evan Burkey

Champions Online Goes Free-To-Play

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Cryptic has announced that their action-mmorpg Champions Online is now using a free to play model. Though a tiered content model exists, the free account still has access to a majority of the game… but is it worth your time? I’d say yes.

Champions Online was one of those “if I had time” online games, at least for me. When it first came out I purchased the game and a 6 month subscription, and played actively during that time. The game is a faster-paced version of the standard mmo archetype, but it is loads of fun for what it is. The robust character creator made for fun avatars, and the PvP was actually really fun, though not completely balanced. However, the call of World of Warcraft drew me back in, and I didn’t have time to continue playing CO… but now that there is a free version, I’ll be logging back into Darrel, The Great Canadian Hero for some more ass-kicking sessions.

All that being said, there is differences between the free and paid models. Most of them are small differences, such as character slots and costume choices. All the PvE content, sans any updates that come in the future, is available to free accounts. All PvP content is there for free accounts as well. And the best part? If you want more character slots or bags or whatever, there is a micro-transaction model that exists. I’m all for giving the players choice, and Cryptic seems to have hit the nail on the head for giving players 2 ways to experience their game.

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