Catwoman on a motorcycle destroys a $300,000 dollar camera.

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The Dark Knight Rises just got a tad more expensive. [Spoilers ahead]

Insert stupid joke about how women supposedly can’t drive here.

Anyways in this video we see a costly mistake made by one of the stunt women on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Obviously driving the unique “Bat-pod” motorcycle cannot be a simple task, and driving it down stairs must be even more daunting. Even so the stunt is pulled off well until she ends up being just a tad to close to a 300,000 dollar IMAX Camera, crashing into it, and leaving it in pieces. Obviously a situation like this can’t mean good things for the jobs of anyone involved, but it makes for such a compelling watch.

I mean really this video has everything! Cat Woman in her trademark leather catsuit, riding the Batman motorcycle, with people fighting in the background, resulting in up to 300 thousand dollars of damage in a mere 33 seconds. So Awesome!

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters next year, till then keep your browsers on Watch Play Read for more details about the movie and more!

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