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Catherine Confirmed for Western Release

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Altus you teasing sons of bitches, you really shouldn’t tug at Weeaboo heartstrings like you have the past few days.

Following up the last two posts about the limbo that this game has been in, we can now breathe easy knowing that this zany Atlus game will be headed towards a localized release sometime “Summer 2011” according to the game’s website. This falls directly into that teased release date of July 26th (before it got yanked off the website).

For those not in the know about why all of us here at WPR care so much about this game, it was really well received in Japan’s Famitsu magazine who gave it a 35/40, which is pretty damned good. But the story of the game follows Vincent as he tries to score with one of two ladies who share the same name, except for the one is spelled with a C and the other a K. The gameplay takes place between two worlds, the daytime where Vincent is just a normal guy doing the typical normal guy stuff, and the nighttime where Vincent must fight to stay alive during his dreams or find himself dying for real.

The game is supposedly extremely hard, per Atlus’s recent releases, and is being developed by many of the same people who have worked on the Persona series, so there’s no doubt in my mind that it’ll be a quality product. Now all I have to do is figure out what version I’m going to buy…

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